Medicare Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Serving those that are generationally blessed across the western and pacific northwest states. I take great pride in being my clients best and trusted resource.

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As a Medicare insurance broker, I work with over 27 carriers across multiple states from Texas to Washington State who participate in the Medicare insurance program. My goal is to find the best Medicare insurance coverage and plan for my clients by working closely with them and putting their needs first. Together, we ensure that each beneficiary has the most optimal and cost-effective plan to meet their unique needs.

I am here to work for my clients and not the insurance carriers. I do not just sell a product and leave my clients to fend for themselves, I also provide ongoing support. Additionally, my services come at no cost to the client as I receive a Medicare-mandated payment from the carrier they choose to work with.

Terra provided an excellent overview of my options and helped me understand the choice with key insights. Together we agreed upon the best plan. I was very pleased and highly recommend her!

— John Mack